Dining out - Madre's

A new Mexican restaurant has taken over a spot in Friendswood that seems to be snakebit. Several restaurants have opened there and then closed down. One even closed down before it opened. Madre's appears to have some money behind it because they have expanded the previous footprint by taking over some vacant space in the strip center. We'll see if they survive.

They don't yet have their liquor license. They were serving Margaritas, but I'll guess that they were at no charge.

I order the Enchiladas Suizas and K. order the Tortilla soup. My order was pretty good. The sauce was not tangy enough for my tastes, but the beans and rice were good. The chicken in the enchiladas was ok. K. enjoyed the tortilla soup. There was extra of that and I took it to work the next day and thought it was good.

The chips and salsa served with the meal were ok. They only served a red sauce and it was a cooked chipotle base, so it's not my favorite, but it had a nice, smoky flavor with a bit of heat.

This looks to be pretty high in our rankings of local Mexican joint. Top 10 for sure.

Below are some snapshots of the meal: