At the Movies: Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows

Hugo: 4

We've already seen this movie twice. We saw it Saturday night and then again last night.

K. had been looking forward to this movie for 6 months. I'd won some early screening passes for her for last Monday night, but she ended up not going. I kind of expected us to hit the very first showing possible, but common sense won out.

In a Game of Shadows we get to meet Prof. Moriarty directly. He's trying to get wealthy by cornering the military-industrial complex and starting a war.

We get to see more of the Holmes/Watson verbal fencing and we get to meet Mycroft Holmes, as well. Dr. Watson's new wife gets to meet more of Mycroft than should we like.

It's a fun movie and, judging by my wife's laughter, a funny one. We had some concerns about the fight on the train and we'll need to examine it more closely on DVD. We are also concerned about Irene Adler and what happened with her in the movie.

We did manage to see this at one of the cheaper theatres in the area. I don't know if we'd've already seen it twice if we'd had to pay $10 for a ticket.