From Twitter 12-14-2010

10:07:18: Artfire Spotlight Shop: Mad Moravian - Handmade pens, bottle stoppers, chainmaille jewelry and other odd bits #artfire http://bit.ly/g00Ksm
10:55:11: Artfire - Crazy Train - GOLD BRACELETS - #artfire #handmade - Neat bracelets in a wide variety of colors http://ow.ly/3nRGy
15:22:15: Artfire - Men of Artfire - CabinHollow - Amazing metalwork ready made or custom! #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/37AVX
17:23:59: Artfire: Texas Guild - BottleCapsandCadetHatsbyBrenna's - Bottle Cap jewelry/cadet hats. Neat stuff #artfire #handmade http://bit.ly/37AVX
19:26:30: Whoa! I sold my chainmaille hat band! I've got a strong nibble at least. #artfire #chainmaille

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