Aikido Thursday Night - 12/02/10

Aikidoka:  Tim, and Trey.


We worked on the sword takeaway techniques of, I think, San Kata.

1st :

Sword strike is an overhead strike.  Tori counters with a right goblet step while accentuating uke's body drop by using the edge of the hand on uke's left arm.  Continue the movement of the arm down to the sword hilt, grabbing the hilt and continuing uke's off-balance until he has to take a roll-out.


Sword strike is a yokomen from uke's left cutting tori from tori's right side to left.  Tori counters with a left goblet step, catching uke's right arm for Oshi Taoshi (left hand on the elbow, right hand on the sword hilt).  Tori follows through over uke's fourth toe causing uke to take the fall while leaving the sword in tori's right hand.


Sword strike is a yokomen from uke's right cutting tori from tori's left side to right.  Tori counters with a right goblet step, catching uke's hands with his.  Tori then executes a hip switch, steps through with the left foot, executes another hip switch and then throws uke with Shihonage while retaining control of the sword.


Sword strike is a straight thrust to tori's gut.  Tori counters with a goblet step to the left, extending uke's body drop with the edge of his left hand.  Tori then allows uke to rise and, on uke's way up, rotates counterclockwise to enter with aikinage and then continues on past uke.  This technique is not a sword takeaway.

Aftermath: None of note.