Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 12/11/10

Aikidoka:  Tim, Trey, and Troy


Light warm-up.

The Walk:

not today


Not today


We worked with Troy on getting ready for his 3rd brown demonstration.  He went through 1-10 on both side with Trey.  He did quite well.  some tweak, but not major issues.

Worked with Trey on Owaza Ju Pon - left-sided.  We never do Owaza on the left side, but Trey got a bee in his bonnet and spent some time on it.

I got to run through Koryu Dai San no Kata (8 kneeling and 8 standing).  I did ok.  I fogrot the sequence of techniques and missed some items on a number of them, but overall it was ok.

We then worked with Trey on the 8 kneeling of Koryu Dai San no Kata.  He did pretty well.

Aftermath: None of note