Aikido Friday Night - 12/03/10

Aikidoka:  Tim, Trey, Sal, and Dan.

Ukemi:  Full ukemi, no big falls.  Watched over Dan

The Walk: Not tonight

Releases: Not tonight


I spent the evening working with Sal on 1-5.  We made it through 1-3 fairly quickly and then stalled on Gedan-ate and Ushiro-ate.  We spent 30 minutes on those two techniques but did not get to a great resolution on them. 

We're trying to get Sal ready for his green belt test before the end of the year.  We've got a few more weeks to do it.  I hope he makes it to more training nights.

Aftermath: I think I've sprained my wrist again and I have no idea how it happened.  It was iffy before this training session.