Welcome, Ella!

We adopted another kitten this past week. K. though Strider needed a playmate since Vlad is not interested in playing with him and is outside a good portion of the time. Our vet had a kitten in their "adoption" area that was about the same age as Strider and seemed pretty nice. So, when Strider went in for a booster shot, Kim put him in the adoption area to play with the potential adoptee. They got along.

So, when I got off work, I went over with K. to the vet and we sat in the adoption are with the kitten. I thought she was a good match, so we brought her home.

For the first 24 hours or so, Ella and Strider were constantly brawling or sleeping. No damage was done during the brawling, so we thought we'd wait it out. It has now reduced quite a bit and they are occasionally grooming each other.

Ella is still uncertain about the whole house, so we're trying to let her have some time on her own without any of the other animals around. I hope she'll adjust to the house quickly.

I hope to have pictures up soon, but my camera has trouble focusing on a solid black cat.