Lunching out: Mom Alone's

A local Tex-Mex restaurant that seems to be quite popular with the local crowd. And it is pretty good.

Salsas: 3 delivered with the chips: red, green and queso. Queso and green were good, the red was just ok.

Chips: ok

Guac: good

The burrito I had was pretty good, the rice and beans the same. The prices seem to be a little higher than I would expect, but I got out of there for less than Frenchie's. $11 for burrito, rice, beans, guac and tea. Happy Hour margarita's are $3, $2 more than Durango's.

Waiter messed up my order and the plate had sour cream on it when it made it to my table.

Ambience: Too formal/fancy for my tastes for a Tex-Mex place. For an Italian joint it would be about right. Waiters were in white shirts and bow ties.