Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 01/09/10

Aikidokas: Tim, Trey, Brad, Tom, Sal and Doug. A big crowd!

Ukemi: I got to the dojo early enough that I was able to get in a full complement of falls before anyone else arrived. ARMA left early, so the mat was open.

The Walk: Twice, as usual. I also spent some time with Doug running through the stones while Tim was working on Shomen-ate with the other guys.

Releases: I watched Brad/Tom and Trey/Sal go through the paces.


None today

Aftermath: My right wrist was quite troublesome and reduced my abilities quite a bit. I have no idea what happened to it.


Poxbox said...

Hey Scott,

I was poking around and found your old nikkyu test. It was great to watch. It's always interesting to see the differences in our styles. Very cool. You should do some more video.

Oh... while I was up there I also found your video on making cheesecake. MMMMmmmmmmm, cheesecake.

Scott Zrubek said...

Yep. I've got some footage around. I need to try to parse if for youtube sometime.