Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 01/16/10

Aikidokas: Tim, Trey, Brad, and Will

Ukemi: Light warm-up, spent most of the time watching over Will and Brad.

The Walk: Twice, as usual.

Releases: I worked with Will. He's now worked on the first 4 releases.


We worked on Ushiro-ate, the Ju Nana Hon Kata version, to give everyone a break from Shomen-ate. It went fairly well.

Next up was the kneeling portion of Koryu Dai San, for me. My ankles got a big workout (it doesn't seem to muck with my knees too much).

1. Oshi Taoshi - Knee walk with left leg first and extend uke's arm over the left leg.

2. Gyakugamae Ate - Nothing new today.

3. Kote Gaeshi - Down-the-line for the first off-balance so that uke can recover. Almost 90 degrees to that line for the final off-balance.

4. Ryote Mochi Sukui Nage - Push up

5. Tentai Kote Hineri - Must get the proper grip for this to work well.

6. Shiho Nage - Left leg is the working one on the initial movement

7. Gedan Ate - Use uke's knee as a prop to rise up onto your knees with

8. Hiji Kime - Inside butterfly was the key light bulb on this one. It causes a balance break for uke.

Trey then did 1-17 of Ju Nana Hon Kata on the left side. He did really well. A couple of missed techniques, but he flowed from those misses into other techniques.

Aftermath: Sore right ankle from so much time on my knees with the tops of my feet flat on the ground.