Jewel, in concert

Thursday morning, I was glancing through the paper while waiting for reports to load in CCAP and I noticed a small blurb stating Jewel was in concert Friday night, downtown. I love her voice, so I was itching to go even if it meant missing aikido. K. had already mentioned that this was a week she would not be going to aikido, so we chatted and decided it would be worthwhile to check out tickets.

There were decent tickets available at reasonable prices, at least before the service charges were added, so we made it a date.

Friday evening, I got home, we fed the animals, and headed into town. Traffic was light and we made it downtown with 2 1/2 hours before the concert. We expected this and headed over to Bira Porretti's for dinner with a $10 coupon in hand. Dinner was decent. K. was disappointed in their "crepes" as they were wrapped in pasta instead of crepes.

After dinner we had about 1.5 hours until the concert, so we wandered aimlessly about downtown. We also people-watched for a while and noted the number of same-sex couples coming in for the concert were about the same as the number of mixed gender couples.

The concert started with Holly Williams, the daughter of Hank Williams, Jr. She did a short intro set that was quite nice.

After a short intermission, Jewel came out and started her set. She said she had no prepared set list, a tradition from working with her dad that she likes to keep up. I have not been able to, yet, find anyone on-line who has reported the list and I was not prepared to write it down. She opened with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and closed with her hallmark yodelling. In between, she sangs from a number of her albums and was constantly asking the crowd what she should sing next.

Jewel's set seemed a little short to me. We got out of the concert hall at 10:30 p.m. Her set ran 1.5 hours maybe less. I didn't check to see how long Holly's ran, nor how long the intermission was.