Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 11/14/09

Aikidokas: Tim and Trey.

Ukemi: I did a full warm-up.

The Walk: Not today.

Releases: Not today.


Apparently it was my day for work. I worked on the first 5 kneeling of Koryu Dai San. I would have worked through all of them, but my left toe developed its usual blister after #5. I then also worked on all 8 of the standing Koryu Dai San.

I was, as usual, too tense. It can take me a while to relax if I haven't been tore for a while.

After that, Tim started to have Trey go through Ju Nan Hon Kata. We made it to #2 before Tom showed up. This was after about 2 hours of work for Trey and me, so Tim decided we were too tired and should uke from there on. So, we worked on Shomen-ate and Aigamae-ate with Tom. He's a lot softer than he was just a couple of weeks ago.

Aftermath: Bandage on the toe.


Poxbox said...

Usually, it's the knees that go first.

Scott Zrubek said...

I agree. That's what I expected, but I've got a gi covering my knees. No such luck on my toes.