Lunching out: Tree House Bar and Restaurant

I allow myself to eat out for lunch once each week, usually on Fridays. Most of the time I go to Franca's for Italian food.

This week, I tried a place I've been wondering about for 20 years: Tree House Bar and Restaurant. Calling it a restaurant is a bit of an overstatement, but what I ate was decent.

I ordered the special: Fried Shrimp with french fries and iced tea. The shrimp were quite large, probably colossal sized in seafood market terms, and nicely prepared. The fries were nothing special.

The atmosphere was typical bar: dark with a stale cigarette smell. I came out of there smelling of smoke.

Overall, I'm glad I went, if just to know what lurks behind that door. I probably won't go back, just because of the smell of my clothes after eating there.