The week in Denver

My new job sent me out to Denver last week with a number of colleagues to chat with some folks we work with out there. We had a fairly productive week, and got to drive out to Breckenridge one afternoon to look around.

The big event of the week was a severe snowstorm that dropped from 10 to 18 inches of snow on the Denver area. This happened on Thursday morning. Wednesday afternoon I'd asked one of the folks we were visiting how often they closed the schools. His reply was "very rarely." When I woke up Thursday morning the first thing I saw on the TV was a scrolling list of school closures. Not much snow was on the ground yet, but more was expected by the end of the day.

I needed to get into the office and talk with one of the guys there. The rest of the folks from Houston were iffy about driving the short distance to get there, but they were willing to since I needed to go.

We got to the office, got some work done and decided that the snow was piling up too deep. The snow was about 6 inches deep on a power transformer outside one of the windows. We left for the hotel. We spent about 20 minutes getting the minivan out of its parking spot and then 30 minutes driving to the hotel.

We watched snow fall for the rest of the day, and a bit of Friday morning. Thankfully, the snow slowed down enough, and the plows got rid of enough of the now on the roads that we were able to make our flight out of town that afternoon.

Below are pictures from the trip from my cell phone.