Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 4/25/09

Aikidokas: Jeff and Trey.

Ukemi: Did my usual set.

The Walk: As usual.

Releases: with Trey. They were interrupted by the arrival of Sensei's wife.

Jeff arrived shortly thereafter and we started working on some sensitivity drills that he'd been taught at a recent Nick Lowry clinic.

The first one was walking with a partner side-by-side and trying to feel when their foot landed and when their weight transferred.

Another one was walking face-to-face, sideways, with one person grabbing both of the other person's wrists. Tori then can attempt to do several things. Flare out his thumbs, which will cause uke to move toward tori. 2 - Slowly move away from uke, attempting to draw uke to him with being noticed. 3 - Slowly move in front of uke, cutting off his line

A third one was to start of at large distance. As uke approaches make half tankan step, then another and then a full tenkan step. This will cause uke to face the direction he was coming from. At that point tori can move toward uke and cause uke to fall.

Weird stuff.

We also played with reactions and directions, but my mind did not completely grasp them.

Aftermath: None of note.