Aikido Friday Night - 4/10/09

Aikidokas: Tim, Trey, Brad, Tom and Seth.

Ukemi: Watched over Tom and Seth.

The Walk: As usual.

Releases: None.


Ju Nana Hon Kata

Did some work with Tom and Brad on Shomen-ate. We working working on the final step in the technique. We're trying to eliminate any shot-putting and poor posture.

Did some work with Trey on the first 5 of Ju Nana Hon Kata. It'd been so long since I'd done on work on them that it was embarrassing. I did improve, thankfully.

Owaza Ju Pon

No work on this today

Koryu Dai San No Kata

No work on this today

Aftermath: I wore a hakama for the first time. It was pretty interesting. More heat. Lots of folks managed to step on it during techniques. I still need to work on folding it well. Lining up the pleats is not easy. I need to wear it more often to be able to remember how to put it on.