Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 4/4/09

Aikidokas: Tim, Trey

Ukemi: Light set of ukemi.

The Walk: As usual.

Releases: None today.


Ju Nana Hon Kata

Worked with Trey on:

Shihonage - The only technique from his last demo that needs much work. We're doing some tweaking on when to lock the wrist (later rather than earlier for uke's safety).

Maeotoshi - I did some work as uke and tori on this one. My usual habits of almost not letting go of uke and not getting enough of a "Randy knuckle" showed up. Trey did well for pretty much his first time with the technique. A bigger mass (mine) makes the technique a little easier.

Sumi-otoshi (we actually do an uke-otoshi) - He got a couple of falls on this from me. Just needs more reps.

Owaza Ju Pon

No work on this today

Koryu Dai San No Kata

Worked on the first four for a bit with Trey as uke.

1) Oshi Taoshi - Need to open and not pivot. Get the standing oshi-taoshi arm position and, as we go "over the mountain", go off-line to provide an additional off-balance.

2) Gyakugamae Ate - We skipped it. Using the time elsewhere.

3) Kote Gaeshi - I need to stop using Jeff's suggestion of a sweeping arm and replace it with moving my center as uke is flying through the air.

Aftermath: Blister just before the first knuckle of the left big toe. I probably did not have "live toes" at some point.