Aggiecon 40

I've gone to this convention since 1984, I think. Most of the past years I've flown this convention solo. This year both K. and I made it. It was our first convention together in a number of years. We also brought several friends from Friendswood with us.

It was a weak convention, and appears to have some life-threatening wounds, but it still can be saved. It will take a lot of education of Cepheid members to save the con. There is plenty of knowledge in the ranks of former Cepheids. There was a Cepheid Muster during the con, but since I was never a Cepheid, I can't report on what was said/not said.

The panels were weak. There was about 1.5 tracks worth of programming. It shut down at 7 pm on Friday and had very little going on late Saturday.

The guest list was very limited. They did a very poor job with the guest, I think. The main media guest was probably wondering why she came, although the friend we brought up with us was interested in listening to her.

The dealer's room was a vast wasteland with not a book dealer to be seen. The middle of the dealer's room was used for gaming tables. Willie may have missed his first Aggiecon ever.

The Art Show was good by Aggiecon standards. I think sales were relatively good. There were actually some I thought of purchasing.

I would really like for former students to take over running the con. That doesn't accomplish a goal of educating new conrunners, but it would keep the con running. It might also make the con tougher to run since it might not be possible to use the MSC as the venue.

I will continue to go to Aggiecon as long as they hold it. It is my main excuse to go back to A&M at least once a year. It's an opportunity to see vast fields of bluebonnets and to eat at Los Nortenos.

I wish they'd quit selling only black t-shirts. It's been a long time since I've wanted to buy an Aggiecon t-shirt. Maybe 15 years?

K. came up with an idea for a website that I might try to implement. The below pictures are part of the inspiration: