Weekend update - ArmadilloCon Trip Report


Up early, on the road by 6ish.  Stop at Shipley's.  Fully on the road by 6:30 a.m.
In Austin by 9:30, check into the hotel.  My room is "ready", but has not been cleaned which I discover on my second trip of unloading the truck into the room.  Took me about 5 trips to completely unload the truck.

Zip off to class at Aikido of Austin

Return to the hotel via Central Market after picking some root beer and cream soda for the weekend.  Unload the final stuff and head down to the pool to chill for a while. Gather for the pre-con dinner at a nearby Tex-Mex joint.  I made a poor choice by trying the cabrito.

Back to the hotel, unload the Art Show steel and start setting up the Art Show.  Transport the art from my room to the Art Show room.

To bed.  Stay up late watching Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.


Up early and off to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Decent buffet.

Into the Art Show and discover that some helpful hotel employee unlocked the room before 6 a.m.  Thankfully, nothing was missing.

Hang art.  Enter stuff into ASH that had not been entered.

Meet the Pros happens, and we get a decent crowd.

Close down at 10 p.m.

Into the Con Suite for dinner: chili dogs.


Up and off to Magnolia Cafe.  Good food.  Staff that really seems to enjoy their job.

Back to the Art Show

4 p.m. panel on Neal Barrett, Jr.

6 p.m. close the Art Show

7 p.m. Art Auction

Open the Art Show for sales and then close down for dinner at Magnolia Cafe

Open Art Show back up after dinner for a few more sales.

To bed.


Off to Kerbey Lane for breakfast.

Back to the Art Show.  Start final sales, checking out artists, tearing down the show.

Dinner at County Line, more close out paperwork, some packing of truck for trip home.  Brief appearance at Dead Dog.

To bed.


Up for breakfast at hotel.  Buffet had poor quality buttermilk biscuits.  Ugh.

Pack truck.  Head out for home.  Stop at FedEx, then Office Depot, then USPS for shipping outbound artwork.

Stop at Berdoll's Pecans.

Home by noon.  Unpack, organize paperwork and enter in shipping costs.  Grab spreadsheet for artist reimbursement and send it off to con treasurer.