Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 8/17/13

Aikido players:  Tim, Gail, Jeff, Trey, Troy, Dan the Elder, Marvin, Mario and Zach


Full set.  Jeff took our students out and did some rolls on the concrete with them.

The Walk:

Not today.


Not today.


Jeff and Gail wanted to do some work on Koryu Dai Yon no Kata.  So, we spent the afternoon working on the first couple of the first 14.  We then spent some time working on the first two of the second 11.  I played with sacrifices on those two, just to see how much trouble I would be in: a fair amount.

I spent a good amount of time working with Troy on 3 of the last 5 of O Waza Ju Pon.  I did not feel like taking lots of Shizumi Otoshi or Kote gaeshi falls.  Troy did well.


A nice 3.5 hour session.