Lunching out - Luling Barbecue

K and I were on our way home from a meeting in San Antonio.  Luling is a convenient stop along the way (yay Buc-ee's!) and they are renowned for their barbecue.  We took a BBQ trip a couple of years ago and were underwhelmed by Texas Monthly's Top 5 BBQ joints in the state (we only hit 4 of the 5).  So, we weren't going to go back to City Market, but some friends had recommended Luling Barbecue Company, just across the street from City Market.

We enjoyed it much more than its competitor.  We sampled the chicken, beef, sausage and ribs.

Out of 5, the ratings were:

Chicken: 3
Beef: 4
Ribs: 4
Sausage: 4

We also enjoyed the fact that you don't have to walk into the smokehouse to pick up your meat.  It was pleasant not smelling like smoke all the way home.

No pictures were taken, alas.