Dining out - Taco Garage - San Antonio

Kim and I wandered around San Antonio near Market Square Friday Night.  We wanted to get to Market Square to pick up some pastry samples from Mi Tierra.  Mi Tierra was a madhouse.  We weren't about to try to eat dinner there.  We were also looking for a restaurant called Ricardo's, according to urbanspoon.  Ricardo's is no longer in business, apparently, so we ate at Taco Garage instead.

Taco Garage was ok.

I chose the Tres Amigos - one beef, one cheese, and one chicken enchilada.  Rice and barracho beans.  Kim had some of the chicken enchiladas, as well.  I thought the beef enchilada was best, the cheese enchilada was a bit undercooked, and the chicken was just ok.  The barracho beans were pretty good.  Kim liked the chicken enchiladas.

Here's the score card

Atmosphere: 4
Green Salsa: unrated
Red Salsa:4
Chips: 3
Rice: 5
Beans (charro): 4
Enchiladas: 3
Margaritas: no alcohol for us tonight

Taco Garage on Urbanspoon