At the movies: The Avengers

The Avengers: 3

A day off for my wife, so we met at the theatre right after I got off work for a cheaper, uncrowded showing.

A fun movie with, as usual, some fun lines for Tony Stark. One of my favorites was "Hold on, Legolas" or something of that sort. Stan Lee's cameo was neat, as was the post movie lead-in to the next movie and the final-final bit at the restaurant.

I think they did a good job with all of the characters, attempting to give them somewhat equal exposure.

I was not that happy with the tactics of the invading force. They went right after civilians instead of going after defense installations. Now, if the invading force was supposed to be portrayed as not that bright, then they did a good job with it.

I'd be happy to see it again, but only on DVD. I'm not willing to spend $$ to see it again in the theatre.