Lunching out: DiBella's

I was down in Galveston last week for jury duty. I spent most of four days on the island, so I had a number of opportunities to dine down there. On Thursday, I chose to go to DiBella's Italian restaurant during the hour-long lunch break we were allowed. K. and I ate there a long time ago when we spent a weekend on the island at a B&B and I wanted to see how it was doing.

One of their specials for the day was a new menu item: Chicken and Vegetable Lasagna in a cream sauce. It was nicely prepared, but the cream sauce was very heavy. I wonder if it would work better with a wine based sauce? I could not manage to eat all of what they gave me, so I had them box that up to go. While they were boxing that, I had them add a slice of Italian Cream Cake.

When I managed to get to the Cream Cake, it was fabulous. K. fell in love with it as well.

Overall, a thumbs up for the meal.

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