Dining out: Ciudad del Taco

Ciudad del Taco is a taco truck that parks next to the aikido dojo.  I've considered stopping by to try it for quite a while, but my aikido schedule doesn't mesh well with an eating schedule.  Last night was a good opportunity as there was nothing pressing on my plate.  I drove up to the dojo and found the fuschia truck parked in it's proper spot.  Since I only go to the dojo on Fridays and Saturdays, I had no clue whether the truck would be there or not.

I wanted to get this sampled before next weekend when the dojo is having a seminar.  Saturday lunch plans are currently up in the air and my hope was that this truck would be a great possibility.

Here's what I ordered:

Chicken taco: corn tortilla, but not much flavor.  The cilantro and onions were fresh, but the chicken was flavorless and overcooked

Fajita taco:  Not the normal fajita beef seen at the local restaurants, but a shredded beef.  Not very flavorful

Pork (pastor) gordita: Once again, not much flavor.

They also supplied a green sauce and a halved lime.  The green sauce helped counteract the dryness of the meat, but that's about it.

Also, no major intestinal repercussions so far, so I thinks it's safe to eat.  Kind of bland, but safe.  I can now talk from knowledge about the truck when planning next Saturday's meal.