Superbowl ads

Here is the run down on who had ads during the Superbowl

15 ads - CBS
5 ads - Bud Light
4 ads - Doritos. Bridgestone
3 ads - Hyundai, Budweiser, NFL, floTV, KHOU, Danny's, e*trade
2 ads - Coke, godaddy, Skechers, carmax, VW, HEB
1 ad - Snickers, FocusOnFamily, Boost, Robin Hood, Monster, Wolfman, Cars.com, Shutter Island, Careerbuilder, Dockers, Dove, Dodge, teleflora, Papa Johns, Alice in Wonderland, Dr. Pepper, trutv, Universal, intel, Miller High Life, Ford, tv.com, some other movie, Gallery Furniture, Acura, Samsung, Conn's, Prince of Persia, Motorola, Michelob, HomeAway, kgb , Census, Google, KIA, RoundUp, Jack in the Box, Vizio, Emerald, Dante's Inferno, Honda, Taco Bell, Chevy, Campbell's Soup, Pace, H&R Block

Most of the ads were blah.  A few I hated, A few I liked.  Here are the ones I liked:

Coke (serengeti)
Bridgestone (my life)
VW (Stevie Wonder)