Aikido Friday Night - 01/29/10

Aikidokas: Tim, Trey, and Sal.

Ukemi: Full warm-up, no big falls.

The Walk: Twice, as usual.

Releases: With Trey.


We spent a mojority of the evening working on Shomen-ate with Sal.  I find it tough to be an uke for this at slow speeds.  Is tori getting the technique?  Am I keeping him from getting the technique by settling?

After that, Trey uke'd for me on the following San Kata techniques:

5. Mae Otoshi

Still having trouble finding uke's fourth toe at the end.

6. Ushiro Waza Mae Otoshi

Another one where I have trouble finding uke's line

7. Ushiro Waza Tentai Kote Hineri

Got to get the tweak of the hand correct.  Need to keep it in to my chest more.

8. Mune Tori Kata Gatame

Ok.  This one we're not doing as described in my Nidan requirements post.  The first part is correct, taking uke down to the ground.  Tori then hold on to the leg with which he took uke down and then threaten uke's face with our spare hand.  When uke reacts, blocking the stike with his off hand, tori grab the off hand and move backwards.  This causes uke to flop over on his stomach, allowing  an nice armbar to appear.

Aftermath: Right ankle's a little sore.