Lunching out: Don Pico's

Not a bad restaurant.

I ordered their #2 lunch special: taco, beef fajita, cheese enchilada, rice, beans. With tea, I got out for around $9. That's a pretty good deal.

Chips: fair
Green salsa: ok
Red salsa: ok. It just tasted cold.  No real flavor
Taco: Good.  The beef had a nice flavor
Fajita: Good. The beef had a nice flavor.  No green peppers, though.
Cheese enchilada:  It was tough to tell it was an enchilada.  It was hidden under sauce and there were extra tortillas wandering around
Rice: nice texture and flavor
Beans: Not a great flavor

My first time here, and it was pretty busy, it seems to be fairly popular. The food was a decent price, and the service was pretty good.  If I need a change in pace, this is a possible destination.