Lunching out: Casa Anita's Mexican Restaurant

Not a bad restaurant.

I ordered their Chimichanga lunch special: chimichanga, rice, beans. With tea, I got out for around $9. That's a pretty good deal.

Chips: pretty good
Green salsa: good
Red salsa: ok. More tomato saucy than I like
Chimichanga: ok. I didn't really like the sauce on it.
Rice: nice terxture and flavor
Beans: weird flavor. Not bad, just weird.

My first time here, and it was moderately busy. The food was a decent price, but the flavor was not my style, so I probably won't be coming back. In the immediate area, I prefer Gabacho's.


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Anonymous said...

Casa Anita's restaurant,an exact place for all the lovers of Mexican foods..I've heard of this restaurant and my suitor ask me a date in this restaurant but i am to busy at that time..I could not come with him...Well,maybe next time!!!

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