Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 8/29/09

Aikidokas: Tim, Richard, Jeff, Gail, Trey, Brad, and Paul. Three folks from Killeen in to see the demonstration.

Ukemi: I did a light workout of ukemi, both sides.

Trey and I ran through the techniques once and decided any more work would be detrimental.

Shortly thereafter, we were called up for his demonstration and the the Walk, Releases and 1-17 of Ju Nana Hon Kata. He did a great job and was awarded his Ikkyu.

Brad was called up afterwards and was awarded his Yonkyu. We had a stealth demonstration for him a week ago.

I then helped Brad work with Paul on his releases and some other basics.

Aftermath: I was beat. Six of us went out for Mexican afterward and had a good time, as is tradition when folks from Killeen come to town.