Aikido Friday Night - 9/25/09

Aikidokas: Tim, Trey, Brad, and Tom. We also had a visitor, a previous student of Karl Geis, who is looking to get back into aikido after 20 years.

Ukemi: I did a little warm-up of my own and spent a lot of time working with Brad.

The Walk: Twice, as usual. Once in Japanese and once in Czech.

Releases: None.


We spent most of the evening on gedan-ate as a continuation of last week. The timing, the fitting-in, etc. This, in my opinion, is the toughest of the Ju Nana Hon Kata to be able to break down into its constituent parts. The initial off-balance and the eye-flash can be broken out easily, but the fitting-in and kake are a tough nut to crack.

After a while working on this, Sensei wanted Trey and I to do some stuff for the visitor. So, Trey ran through 1-17 of Ju Nana Hon Kata. I ran through some of Owaza Ju Pon and a couple of Koryu Dai San.

Aftermath: Nothing's been cleared and nothing new has been added to the ailment list.