Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 6/3/17 - Clear Creek Aikido

Aikido players:

Just me


Basic stretches, slaps, and a normal set of ukemi.

The Walk:

About 5 times.


None today.


I worked on my basic walking skills.  Next a series of regular attacks with the jo.  Followed by a cycles back and forth with the attack for "hi otoshi".  Straight attacks with the bokken, attacks for oshi taioshi, attacks for shihonage, and finally attacks for Ai gamaeate.  I think I probably did about 40 attacks of each type (80 attacks with the jo, and 160 with the bokken).

I ended the session with 40 pushups.


Another afternoon at the new location.  I worked out for about an hour.  Half of the time in the back room (they were doing their quarterly belt testing for kids' karate), and then I moved into the main room.

 I expect student(s) maybe this Wednesday.