Lunching Out: Pelican Grill

A friend who runs my favorite pizza joint mentioned that he was taking over the Pelican Grill several weeks ago.  I figured the deal was done by now, so trotted over to see how things had improved.

Unfortunately, the change in ownership has not taken place.  I don't know if the deal fell through, or it's still to come.  I need to check with the party involved to see what's going on.

This visit did not impress me.  The waiter lack a full knowledge of the menu.  He got confused when I said I wanted the fish in my fish taco grilled.  He though I wanted the taco grilled, not realizing that there are three choices of preparation for the fish in the fish taco.

When my tacos appeared, they'd run out of tortillas?!?  So, I only got one taco.  I managed to time it so they had one tortilla, but not two.  Amazing!  The taco I had was good, and the fries were decent.

The waiter brought out a free bread pudding, completely unprompted.  Luckily, I like bread pudding, so I consider it a fair exchange.  And it was decent, if not memorable.

Off to the side, I heard the owner talking to one of his staff about inventory.  I don't think the owner knows enough to be giving lessons.

I won't be back until a change in ownership occurs.

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