Lunching Out: Main Street Bistro

Tried a place in old League City on Friday: Main Street Bistro.  Pretty decent place.  It felt almost like a tea room, probably because of the numerous all-female tables.  But, the decor was far more masculine than I would expect from a tea room.  There was also a table of male League City cops on their lunch break.

They've apparently (according to a blurb on the chalkboard for specials) been in business for about a year.  They do seem to be doing a good business.

My choice for the day was fish tacos, with a side order of their green beans.  I was hoping they had not run out of tortillas.

The food came out quickly and was quite good.  The green beans were perfectly cooked, and were more than just green beans.  It had a variety of beans, with some onions and mushrooms.  The fish tacos were good, and I got both of them.

I had enough room for dessert, so I ordered the pecan tart.  It comes with a cinnamon sweet potato whipped cream, and I did not think it worked very well with the tart.  The pecans appear to be native pecans, based on their size, but that could change from time to time, I'd guess.  The pastry for the tar was too brittle for something of that size.  I think a cream cheese crust would work better.

The total bill ran around $20 for the food, plus an iced tea.

I'd go back there.  I'd try the Lemon Panacotta for dessert next time.

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