Aikido Thursday Night - 9/19/13

Aikido players:  Troy


None tonight

The Walk:

Not on Thursdays, normally.


Not on Thursdays, normally.


We spent the evening on the first 4 of the kneeling portion of Koryu Dai San.  It went really well.

Worked on the "footwork" for Oshi Taoshi, relaxing and extending uke on the takedown, and not applying the armbar until the arm is on the ground.

Gyakugamae Ate:  We played with this how it's supposed to be done, and the Gedan-ate variant.  The Gedan-ate variant is a lot more fun, but Gyaku can be a way to show uke you don't consider him worth your time.

Kote gaeshi: we did not do a complete technique tonight.  I just wasn't interested in taking that fall at the end of a workday.  As uke, I was having issues.  I wanted to raise my right knee off of the mat as I was making my attack.  That changes the response from a kote to a takedown.

After resolving that issue, things went well.

Ryote Mochi Sukui Nage: The issue on this is that tori needs to let uke have control of tori's arms until they reach tori's shoulder level.  Until that point, tori should just be trying to keep his arms pushing out, but without an "active" push.

Troy got to experience the fall when tori ends up with his hands close together.  It's a big fall, not unpleasant, but a bit unnerving.


None of note.