Aikido Thursday Night - 7/25/13

Aikido players:  Dan the Elder


None tonight

The Walk:

Not on Thursdays, normally.


Not on Thursdays, normally.


We spent the evening on Hiki-taoshi.  Left-sided.  I was able to see a number of issues that prevent the technique from working.

1. If tori does not take uke off of his 4th toe, uke will walk right out
2. If tori turns his center 90 degrees to uke, uke will walk right out
3. If tori takes uke off of 4th toe, and tori keep his hand in his center, uke has something to fight against and won't go down easily.
4. If tori keeps his hand too low as uke is falling, uke has a chance to reach for tori's ankles and prevent the armbar

We ended up with a number of nice techniques by the end of the night.


None of note.