Aikido Friday Night - 7/26/13

Aikido players:  Tim, Trey, Troy, Marvin, Gail, Dan the Elder, and Mario


Got in a partial set.

The Walk:

Twice, as usual


We introduced folks to a kata based on the releases.  It is known by a number of names: Ki Harry, Name No Waza, Name No Kata, Stupid Kata.  You start with one of the releases, or in some cases two, and transition into a series of some of the techniques 6-17 from Ju Nana Hon Kata.

So we spent a good portion of the evening working on that.


Trey and I played with variations of Kote Gaeshi.  Played with uke's reaction and where tori goes in a number of cases.

Trey and Troy ran through Troy's Shodan demonstration material a couple of times.

After working on Ki Harry, Dan and Marvin did some spot work on Hiki Taoshi, Oshi Taoshi, Gyaku Gamae-ate, and Shome-ate.


None of note.