Back-to-back conventions, part 2

I arrived home late Tuesday night from Reno, but could not sleep in late on Wednesday.  I had a bunch of stuff I had to get done before driving to Austin on Thursday.  I had to pack all of the art into the truck, get some more travel cash, get my new glasses, get my personal artwork ready for the art show among other things.  Thankfully, K. took the day off from work to help me.  Her help was irreplaceable.

Bright and early Thursday I took off for Austin.  I made a stop in Grange for some kolaches and picked up some root beer at Central Market and then unpacked at the hotel.  Once unpacked, I drove to Aikido of Austin to watch a class.  I'd brought my gi along, but I knew I was too late to get on the mat in time.

After aikido, I went back to the hotel and sat out by the pool for a couple of hours.

Then it was time for the pre-con dinner and set-up of the art show.

Friday had me in the art show nice and early hanging art.  We were ready to go by about 2 p.m. and stayed open until about 9:30.

Saturday I was in the art show early again and stayed there until about 9 p.m.  Laura drove out and picked up dinner for all of the folks who helped with the art show on my dime.  Laura, Rhonda Eudaly, Jimmy Simpson, Tomi Welch and a number of other folks contributed to help me quite a bit.

We ended up selling about $5K or $6K worth of artwork.  Far more than we thought we would sell.

Sunday was tear down down, and my helpers had the show torn down before I could lift a finger to help.  From there we went on to the post-con bbq dinner at County Line Bar-B-Q and thence to the Dead Dog Party.

Monday morning saw me up at the crack of dawn to get the packages mailed out before leaving Austin for home.

I took me until about Thursday to approach being human again.  I took the entire Labor Day weekend for me to get caught up on sleep.