Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 9/18/10

Aikidoka: Tim

Ukemi:  Light stretching

The Walk: None

Releases:  None


Sensei and I worked on the 8 double-bokken techniques from Koryu Dai San No Kata.  It went pretty well.  I tapped him on the noggin, lightly, only a couple of times.  We tried to work out the differences between Sensei Haygood's set and Sensei Higashi's set as published in her book.

The differences that we found: 

1.  S. Higashi has tori starting a full attack on all techniques .  S. Haygood has tori in a waiting position.

2.  Haygood's second technique has tori moving to the left and the third to the right.  Higashi's is exactly opposite. 

3. On the eighth technique, S. Higashi has uke and tori separating after each strike by uke.  S. Haygood has the swords always engaged.

4. On the eighth, S. Tim and I worked out a sensible transition for tori from the scond block to the third block.  It only works if the swords are constantly engaged as in S. Haygood's methodology.  If you separate after each strike it is no good.

Aftermath:  None of note.