Aikido Friday Night 09/10/10

Aikidoka: Tim, Trey, Troy

Ukemi:  Normal warm-up

The Walk: Once

Releases:  Troy did the left side with me and right side with Trey. 


Troy got to work on 1-5 with both of us, figuring out the differences in initial off-balances and the various timings.  He had some real issues with me this evening, specifically on Gedan-ate and Ushiro-ate.  He was visibly frustrated by the end of the evening.

I, as tori, worked with Trey on 1-7 of Koryu Dai Yon no Kata.  It went fairly fell.

I, as uke, ran through 1-17 of Ju Nana Hon Kata with Trey.  We then also did 1-5 of Owaza Ju Pon.  He did really well.

Aftermath:  Extreme tiredness.  Two ibuprofen for the evening.