NASFiC - Reconstruction 2010 - Raleigh

I spent the weekend in Raleigh, N.C. attending NASFiC.  The con was much smaller than I expected and there was a lot of room to rattle around in, so it may have felt smaller than it actually was.


Up at o dark 30 to catch a flight.  I arrived around 12:30 local time and caught the city bus into town.  Cost $2  Cost of a Super Shuttle: about $20.  Worth the savings.

Checked into the hotel, dropped the stuff in the room and went to registration for the con.  Went to the Art Show to help hang art.  They generally had more folks than they needed most of the weekend.

Dinner was at Patty Greene's: a restaurant and brew pub.  I really enjoyed the beers I tried:  a Dark Scottish Ale and a Hefe Weisen (sp?).

The walk back to the hotel was an adventure because it was pouring down rain.  I walked about 2 miles in the rain, getting partially lost during the trip


Up at a decent hour to get breakfast at Sam and Wally's nearby.  Just ok grub.

Back to the hotel to do some work, and then to the convention center to sit at either the Texas in 2013 bid table, or at the Art Show.  Also helped the London in 2014 bid set up their party for the evening.

Dinner was at the Mellow Mushroom, a pizza joint about 2 miles from the hotel.  The place was hopping!!  I think there were more people in the pizza joint than at the entire convention.

An uneventful walk back to the hotel.  I then visited the Texas and London parties before retiring to read.


Up and out to breakfast at "The Diner"  Good stuff.

Back to the convention center to sit behind my usual two tables.  We closed up around 5 pm to go to the "Fannish Inquisition" panel on upcoming Worldcon bids.

Dinner was at Napper Tandy's Irish pub.  They had a pretty good shepherd's pie.

Back to the hotel to drop by the London party and the back to the room to read.


Breakfast at "The Diner" again. Back to the convention center to sit behind my usual two tables.   Then I helped tear down the Art Show.  More reading, dinner and then the Dead Dog Party.


Lazy morning, as my flight wasn't until early afternoon.  Caught the city bus into the airport and then flew home.