Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 08/14/10

Aikidokas: Tim, Trey, Troy, and Dan.

Ukemi: No warm-up today.  I was watching over Dan and did not get on the mat early enough to get the sweeping and my warm-up done. 

The Walk: Twice. 

Releases: Worked with Dan.  Some tweaking on the releases with Dan.


Dan and I did some work on shomen-ate.  We spent a lot of time on footwork and made some progress.

After that, I spent some time as uke for Troy on shomen-ate.  We had some footwork issues there, as well.  Once he got them straightened out, he started nailing me with the technique fairly consistently.

Aftermath: One of my little toes really hurts today.  It curled under my foot as I was moving across the mat, so I may have sprained it.  We may start working out for an hour on Thursday nights sometime soon.