Aikido Friday Night - 08/13/10

Aikidokas: Tim, Trey, Sal, and Troy.

Ukemi: I got a full warm-up set in, no big falls. 

The Walk: Twice. 

Releases: Worked with Troy.  I was a bit off on my releases tonight for some reason.  Troy did well.


Trey and I did quite a bit of work Waki-gatame.  Tim wanted us to play with the technique and see if we could work on the mawashi form of it.  I think we managed to come up with something that incorporates the mawashi and the arm bar and will be used for kata demonstrations.

We then spent some time with Troy working on Ushiro-ate and the various entries and off-balances that you can play with for the technique.

Aftermath: None of note.