Weekend update


My niece was in town for the day, so I skipped aikido so that the family could go out to eat together.  We spent a long time trying to get the niece to choose the restaurant, but she wouldn't do it.  We ended up a Franca's (fabulous as always) and then stopped by a bubble tea spot for after dinner drinks.  Not bad, but I chose not to partake of bubbles and just had tea.


Into town to pick up some more wood for the entertainment center.  I was way off on the amount I purchased last time for some reason.
Stopped by Woodcraft to use a coupon and pick up some miscellaneous pen supplies
Dinner at Joe's and early to bed


Breakfast with the in-laws, as the electricity went out.  All of their appliances are electric.  Some of ours are gas, so we could cook.
Yard work
Pen turning
Preliminary layout work for the entertainment center
Baseball on TV