Weekend update

Friday: aikido


Had to stop by the copy shop and make copies of some flyers to distribute at a local con and at Boskone. Stopped by the local con, dropped off the lyers and then did some geocaching.


Dungeons and Dragons: Leveled up my Cleric.


Grocery shopping for the Super Bowl

Trip to Home Depot for short rebar, chicken wire and some plumbing supplies for a dry run of plumbing for the sump for the aquarium.

Made some guacamole, pralines and then a Lemon Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee.

Helped K. surround the second vegetable garden with landscape timbers.

Did a water change in the aquarium. I need to add another powerhead to increase the circulation.

Settled down for the Super Bowl, paper in hand to keep track of the commercials.

Absolutely stuffed from all of the food. We could have fed 8-10 people. There were only 4 of us.