Weekend update - SMOFCon 33


Up at 5 to get ready for travel
Out of the house at 6
Bank, Shipley's
In Fort Work around 10:30
Lunch at Cooper's in Fort Worth with a big crowd, two car loads.
Panel: Who's Who in Convention Committees, and Why are They There?
Panel: Keeping Staff Motivated
Dinner break, but I was still full.  My eye was quite painful, so I headed to bed.


Montgomery Street Cafe for breakfast - a good, old diner.
Panel: Who was Sasquatch?
Panel: Making social media work for you
ALAMO board meeting
Dinner at Cooper's with a different, smaller crowd
Panel: Fannish Inquisition (What a Show)
Panel: Statistics and Probability Seminar (I ended coming in 7th.  I only won 2 or 3 hands at most)
To bed at 3 a.m.


Up at 7 a.m.
Breakfast at Dixie Cafe
Pack up the car for the trip home
Panel: Enthusiasm Self Care and Burnout
On the road back home
Stop in Fairfield at Cooper's Farm's shop
Home around 3:30 p.m.