Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 12/12/15 - East Houston Aikido Club

Aikido players:

Phillip, Mario, and Dan


Barely got in one third of my usual set

The Walk:



Not today


Mario and Dan attempted to work through 1-17.

Mario got through about 6 with Dan as uke before he had to disappear.

Dan got through 7 with me and Phillip as uke before Squirrel!

Phillip and I did some work with each other.  Phillip was working on Hiki Taoshi with me and I ended up being very resistant to it.  After thinking about it, I think I was resistant to it because of his death grip on my wrist.  I'm pretty sensitive to that sort of thing and get very solid when it happens.

We also did a little work on Tenkai-kote-hineri and Kote Gaeshi.  I showed a few tweaks on Tenkai and a couple of variations of Kote Gaeshi.


Dojo is about 40 minute drive from home.  I will probably only go out there on weekends as other days would have be back around 10 p.m.  If Kim wants to go on Mondays, I'd go out there.

Working with Phillip has been an adventure in the past and I think it will be in the future unless I can get him to stop giving me so much feedback.  Maybe I can take advantage of this coming weekend when Jeff and Trey are supposed to be there and get them to tori with me as uke.  Have them randomly clamp down/not clamp down and see the different reaction I generate.

I think the main difference is that Phillip sees things as uke's fault first where I tend to assume it's my fault as tori.