Aikido Wednesday Night - 8/5/15

Aikido players:

Tim, Trey, Mario, Marvin, and Dan


Got in my now regular set

The Walk:



I worked with Mario.  Dan and Marvin worked together


Mario, Marvin and Dan worked on 1-5, I think.

Trey and I worked some more on Ushiro Kubi Shimi.  (This is a counter, or interception, of a rear naked choke)  I nailed it once, but generally had the tendency to drop my hands at the end.  If the hands stay in my center and my waist bends, that's ok.  If my hands drop out of my center, not as good.

We need to work with Trey as tori and see if there is something causing me to take back falls instead of front falls.


Do the 5th release properly
Stretch but shrink
Arm nearest uke - curved shoulder
Maintain connection as you drop your center a long distance along the leading edge of uke's leading foot.


We've made a schedule switch.  We were Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Since the judo folks did not pay their bill, we have access to more nights.  We did not take more nights, just different ones.  We are now Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  We dropped Friday and picked up Wednesday.

I'll have my first Friday with no class on the schedule in about 7 years this week.