Aikido Saturday Afternoon - The End of an Era

Aikido players:

Tim, Phillip, Dan, and John

The Walk:



Not today


Not today.


We had to clean out the dojo space as the building had been sold.  The owner, Curtis, had been losing money for a while and put the building on the market without letting us know.  We probably could have come up with the money to purchase it, had we known.  Whether we would have wanted to is a good question as it had all sorts of water issues.

Where we go from here is an open questions.  We're looking for space to lease or buy.  I'm not certain a lease is financially viable.  With a purchase, at least we'd have something of our own at the end.  Got to figure out finances.

Our first date at this location was 12/14/07, so we spent a total of 7 years, 8 months and 15 days at the Bonin Dojo.  My first day of aikido was 1/17/2006.  I thought I'd spent more time at the League City dojo.