Aikido Saturday Afternoon - 6/21/14

Aikido players:

Tim, J.W., Mike, Jeff, Gail, Dan, Mario, Al, David, and Emilie


Got a full set in.  Watched over everyone else.  J.W. had some thoughts on our basic slaps and that we should keep our feet in between our skulls and tori.  I understand the reasoning, and I'll probably incorporate that approach into my slaps often.  We've been of the mind that we want to get rid of all tension as we fall, mainly because we will fall from accident more often that falling from a throw.

The Walk:

Not today.

Releases and Techniques:

J.W. was in town for the weekend, so we played with the releases and working into the techniques.

I did some work with Dan and Mario.  Both of their minds were visibly blown.  It'll be interesting to see them on the mat and see what has percolated through.


Went to lunch at Jame's Coney Island with : Tim, Mike, J. W., Gail, Jeff and Abigail